Problem: Fentanyl Overdose

Treatment: Naltrexone spray

Fentanyl Challenges (Adobe PDF)


This report describes effective prolonged opiate blockade by subcutaneous depot-naltrexone (d-NTX) preparation. The d-NTX is a 1000 mg pellet inserted at opiate detoxification. The assay of effective opiate blockade was direct opiate challenge. Fifteen challenges were performed. Opiate challenges occurred from 21 to 70 days after d-NTX implantation (mean 40.9 days). All patients were refractory to the opiate. The data suggest that this d-NTX preparation is effective for at least 4 weeks after implantation. While not a "cure" for opiate dependence, d-NTX may allow a prolonged interval after detoxification during which addicts will have time to benefit from social/psychological interventions.